This is a database for bands or restaurants or any other place who has entertainment that changes each week. If you're a band, you could link to it from your web site for your fans to easily check where you're playing. You can manage it yourself easily.

If you have a restaurant or bar that gets bands in to play on weekends or any time, you can link to it from your business web site. The reason for using this is that you don't have to ever change your web site. You easily can change your database in a couple of minutes.

Stores can use it for their open and close times and for vacation and holiday hours.

You can see a working DEMO HERE, which I manage their web site and originally got the idea to develope it. A nice feature of this is that your webapge doesn't disappear when people view your calendar. The calendar pops up in a new smaller windows and when it's closed, your visitors are still on your web page.

I'm starting this out selling this cheap. It will cost $50 per year for it. That gets you a userid on the database that allows you to add, delete or change your schedule on any computer or whatever way you go on the Internet. In just a few minutes you can add a event and it will show immediately on your calendar.

I can't tell you hopw many times I've got to a band's or business web site and saw old data on the site. This calendar only shows events from the current day and forward. Old past events do not show except in your management page.

The only thing you will need on your website is a couple of lines of code that will be supplied by us. You can do it yourself, give it to whoever maintains your web site or page or I will do it.

Got questions about this, let me know by Contact Us on the left menu. okay



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